All of the forum rules also apply to the shoutbox!

Rule 34 - No links or pictures of Rule 34

No description of sexual/questionable acts - Descriptions and roleplaying in the public shoutbox of intamacy going beyond simple hugs and gentle public affection will not be tolerated, as it makes other members feel uncomfortable. Think of it as PDA. If the general population would be uncomfortable watching you do that in public, don't describe it here.(Depends on situation)

RolePlay - No Roleplaying of any kind in the shoutbox. This rule doesn't apply to two people PMing each other.

No flaming/trolling of staff or other users. - Due to it being a live chatbox, there is going to be some amount of PLAYFUL trolling involved, which is pretty much a given. Jokes are fine. However, excessive trolling will result in a warning/infraction if it gets out of hand, leading up to a ban.

Swearing* - You may swear, but do not swear in excess. Remember, saying "fu**" is different than saying "fu** you." The latter can and may be taken as FLAMING (Read the rule above). Remember, be respectful towards all members.

New Episode Discussion - Please don't discuss Loud House episodes in the main shoutbox room (nobody likes spoilers).

Best Regards